Simone Cicinelli a.k.a. LightRay

I'm a student with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering.
In my free time I compose music and I work on many small projects.
I made this webpage to showcase a little bit of my portfolio.
Hope you like what you see!

About me

My name is Simone, I live in Rome, Italy, and I'm a student for the master's degree in computer engineering, with a lot of hobbies. If you want to learn a little more you can check the about me page.


I make a lot of stuff. And I'm always doing something.
Projects, videogames, web-sites, small ideas. Projects I made or projects I took part into. If you feel curious about all of that, you can find everything in the works page.


I also love every kind of music, and I also try and make my own. Since music is a big part of my life, I decided to make a page on its own for everything I compose: check out the music page.

Quick portfolio