Candy Single


I made Candy for the credits screen of EMHWWW.NL, which later became Menadito, initially developed at Global Game Jam 2014. The game needed a fun, joyful track, and after a whole night of trying I think I finally nailed it!
The original version I made is what is now called the Strawberry mix. I'm also working on some remixes, that you can already listen on this player: Raspberry mix is an attempt at an 8-bit chiptune style, and Vanilla mix is a more club-oriented version.


  1. Candy - Strawberry mix
  2. Candy - Raspberry mix (still a w.i.p., final version may be different)
  3. Candy - Peppermint mix (still a w.i.p., final version may be different)


I'm planning a whole release of Candy, to be available on Bandcamp, containing the Strawberry mix and other remixes... and maybe other tracks, too. In the meantime, you can find Candy inside our awesome collection: Global Game GEMS vol.1, which is a free download!