Simone Cicinelli Something about me

Me at Code4Italy (left) and while relaxing on vacation (right)

Simone Cicinelli a.k.a. LightRay. I'm not very good at writing about myself, so I'll try to keep this as short as possible.

So... I live in Rome, Italy. After my bachelor's degree in computer engineering I decided to keep studing for the master's degree. In the meantime I make music, I learn technologies (such as Unity or Android) and I take part in little projects about everything (such as small videogames, websites, apps, startups...). was born some years ago, from the nickname I used in internet bulletin boards systems and as an alias for my music tracks. Then I abandoned it for a while, and lately I decided to use my good ol' screename as some kind of portfolio of all my stuff, for friends and others to see.
I love music, every kind of it, I'm always interested in technology and science, I like videogames, especially the old Nintendo ones. I also love solving problems, pizza, and having a good laugh with friends.

You can also find me around the internet (check the links below) or write me a mail, at cicinellis at gmail dot com.