Age Of Silence Game from Molyjam 2013

Age Of Silence

A President (Player 1) is holding his public speech, but a Sniper (Player 2) is aiming at him from the crowd. The President must complete his speech by choosing wisely his sentences, respecting the government's will. But the if the Sniper notices something wrong in the President's words, the first can decide about the life of the latter. Will the President live, or will the Sniper fire his bullet? Will the President fail his speech, or will the Sniper fire when there was nothing to dispute?

Age Of Silence was developed in 48 hours at Molyjam Rome 2013, from a quote of the parody Peter Molydeux Twitter profile.

"I have to be careful what I say, there are PR policeman in the audience with sniper rifles."

Peter Molydeux

My work

I wrote the main theme for Age of Silence: Watch Your Speech, which is included in my Life In 8-Bit EP, along with a dance remix of it (totalpanic mix).


The game is not yet complete - Unfortunately, we weren't able to put everything together by the end of the jam. We are working on it, and the game will be completed as soon as possible.

Danjel Ricci

Giorgio Pomettini
3D Art

Gabriele Ciufo
User Interface, Project Director

Flaminia Grimaldi
Script Writer

Simone Cicinelli