Ram Downhill Game from Indie Speed Run 2013

Ram Downhill

A game where you take control of a battering ram running down an hill at very high speeds. You have to destroy whatever it's on your path to reach and demolish the castle. The game was made for Indie Speed Run 2013, in 48 hours.

My work

For this game I wrote two music tracks: Battle Ram and Ancientstep and took care of all the sound effects. I also helped in the development and the brainstorming ideas. The tracks are included in my Life In 8-Bit EP.


The game won four prizes at Indie Speed Run: 1# best 3D graphics, 1# best Unity game, 3# best game, 3# best technology.

Development and release

As usually, we didn't manage to get a perfect build by the end of the 48 hours-jam, so we only got a unfinished version. You can download and try that here, but keep in mind that the product is not finished: there's no winning sequence and you gotta hard-reset the whole game if you want to play again (by closing and reopening it).
The whole team is pretty busy right now, but we love the project and we'll sure put a few touches on it as soon as possible!

Download and try it!

Danjel Ricci

Giorgio Pomettini
3D Art

Gabriele Ciufo
User Interface

Simone Cicinelli