UniSound Game from Global Game Jam 2013


UniSound is a game made at Global Game Jam 2013. A 4-players competitive game, where each player controls a spaceship and has to push other players in a black hole, making them lose. The last player who survives is the winner.

My work

For this game I wrote the musical theme, Fluid, which is included in my EP Life In 8-Bit and took care of all the sounds effects. I also helped with concept ideas and initial planning of what the game was going to be - we made these things all together in one night!

Development and release

At Global Game Jam 2013 we managed to prepare a fully working demo, which you can already play with 4 controllers. The demo only features one level but it's pretty solid and functional. We may work on the game in the future... or maybe we are already doing it! ;)

Download and try it!

No installation, just unzip and run. You can configure up to four gamepads (xbox pads layout by default)
Move the analog leve to set the direction, press chosen button at the rythm beat (hilighted by a flash on the screen) to push in that direction. Bump into other players to make them fall into black holes.
Press start button to start. Back button to return to main screen; back again to exit.

Giancarlo Todone
Concept, development, project mangement

Alessandro De Carolis
Concept, level design

Simone Cicinelli
Concept, music, audio design

Cristian Barberini
Concept, modeling, animation