Whatcha gonna do with a drunken jammer? Game from Global Game Jam 2015

Whatcha gonna do with a drunken jammer?

I may have already told you what is a Global Game Jam: you gather 100+ crazy programmers, designers, musicians, etc... from all over the city (and even farther). You all set your "boot camp" in a building with some large rooms, and you stay there for two whole days, sleeping there, eating there and working with people you already know, or with ones you just met there, in order to make a working videogame. Usually in these kind of marathons I make music and sound effects for the games, but sometimes I also work on other aspects.

The story of the game

This game may or may not be from a true story. Three guys are working on their game for the Global Game Jam 2015 in the Tempio di Adriano (which is incidentally the time and the place this game was made), so they have to go outside in order to try and find some other stores where they can buy more beer.
The game has a visual on one of the "drunken jammers", which is swaying left and right, and two players have to control the other guys, from the third guy's viewpoint. You may understand it better by trying the game itself, other than me explaining it...

My work

For this game I wrote two music tracks: the main theme, Drunken Jammer is a personal variaton of the traditional "Drunken Sailor" song, with some obviously changed lyrics! We recorded them on saturday night around 3 a.m., messing with a microphone in a small room (and we had lots of fun). The male voices are mine, Luca and Marco's, while the beautiful female voice is from Loretta.
Bye Night is the theme you hear when you're playing the game itself. The process of finding the right atmosphere for the game had me thinking a lot, but in the end I think I managed to find something that suits the mental image of three drunken guys wandering around Rome. I'm very happy with how it turned out, and the other guys from my team loved it too!

Oh, and one more thing: remember when I wrote that sometimes I also help in other things rather than the music? This time I also drawn the game map, which later Giorgio integrated in the game. So that's pretty much my second experience as a level designer! (the first one being with B.O.H.)


The game was voted and was originally ranked in the second place for the "best music" prize, beaten by the hilarious Home E.M.M.E.R.D. made by the amazing Lonely Crew... But since they also win the "best game" award too, we took the winning place. Yay!!

Development and release

The game is very incomplete from a gameplay point of view, but nevertheless it's nice to see. The guys did a great job in making models and animation (they rendered the whole outside of the Tempio di Adriano and I'm still amazed by this). We planned a lot of obstacles and stuff that we didn't manage to insert (hey, it's 48 hours after all!), but we want to work more on it! And so, expect a more complete version soon...

By clicking here you can check a little trailer made by the great Glenda (which is also the beginning of the game).

Download and try it!

Glenda Galliano

Giorgio Pomettini

Simone Cicinelli
Music and sound designer

Valerio Carbone
3d Artist - Characters

Felix Ostwald
3D Artist - Environment

Francesco Della Ragione
Technical Artist

Carlo Sacrestani
3D Artist - Environment

Guiglielmo Segantini
3D Artist - Environment

Edoardo Torda
UI Design