Menadito (was EMHWWW.NL) Le tappity tap everywhere

Menadito (was EMHWWW.NL)

EMHWWW.NL was a game developed in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2014, which later became Menadito. A crazy, addicting game where you have to "tap" the right points of your screen at the right time!

My work

For Menadito I wrote two versions of a the theme music, for the splash screen and the credits, which later became Candy. I'm planning a full release of the songs, among with some remixes, but in the meantime you can find one version of Candy in our Global Game Gems vol.1 album.

Be also sure to follow the Facebook page for Menadito, which is turning out very nice!

Alessandra Rigano

Antonio Scacchetti
Menu Programming

Federico Werto

Glenda Galliano

Laurens de Gier
Game Programming

Simone Cicinelli