Global Game Gems vol.1 Album

Global Game Gems vol.1

This first volume of Global Game Gems is a special gift to all the attendants at the Global Game Jam events. It contains some of the tracks made especially for the games developed at the 2013 and 2014 Rome editions of the Global Game Jam, and the Indie Speed Run Rome 2013.
The release contains 3 tracks of mine plus the remix I did for Luca Di Gennaro's Erythrocytes. In addition to that, there are 14 more tracks from very talented musicians and I suggest you to download the album and give a listen to the whole opera. We all put a lot of effort in it! :)


  1. Luca Di Gennaro - Erythrocytes - simone cicinelli remix
  2. Luca Di Gennaro - Heart Attack
  3. Luca Di Gennaro - Heartstronauts
  4. werto - hb
  5. werto - amoeb
  6. werto - lattaman
  7. Simone Cicinelli - Fluid
  8. Luca Di Gennaro - Crystone
  9. Andrea Giachini - Dry Hard
  10. Simone Cicinelli - Battle Ram
  11. werto - No
  12. Simone Cicinelli - Candy - strawberry mix
  13. werto - readycandy / incandy
  14. Fabrizio Muzak_76 Sclano - Flip'N'Rumba
  15. Luca Di Gennaro - Game Of Toungues
  16. Marco Davini - Doubtful Jammers / Fighting Against The Theme
  17. Luca Di Gennaro - More Here Eye

I'd like to thank each and every one of my musician-colleagues, with very special thanks to Giorgio Pomettini and Marco "TheTMO" Giammetti for the great cover artwork they made together!
Also, is worth noting that werto did the whole mastering and volume level stuff... and also took good care in bearing all my requests :)


You can listen and/or download the album for free from the Global Game Jam Rome Bandcamp page.